Friday, August 05, 2011


The title for this post just tells you how fast time is flying by........hence the question mark.
This New Zealand Flax on my deck has the most amazing color and texture. Since I have not posted from the garden in some time, I thought it a good place to start again.  The colors remind me so much of the hills surrounding the area that I am learning to paint. Gorgeous greens, yummy yellows, rich roses.

My first attempt at the nature challenge on Daily Paintworks was timed and pretty difficult for me to do. After I had it critiqued in class, I improved the composition, lightened the leaves and put the most incredible Cad Red Light on the roses.  It is a new color for me. You see it maily on the rose on the left. It just sings.
I love to paint loosely and boy, it this loose? You bet.

Out D Street, rolling hills, red barns, gracious oaks.
This is once again a 6 inch study.  The first study, which is not for public consumption, taught me to move the barn back and lay down my paint more confidently.
It is a rather dark work but I really like the texture on the hills. When we return to that location, I need to move the barn more off center and maybe move it even further back in the painting. The barn is my center of interest and it is held nicely on the work by the surrounding lines and movements.

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