Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Paintworks, superstitions

The Daily Paintworks Challenge for this week is to paint a superstition.  I decided to paint the sample photo as it was certainly a challenge enough........all the various values and shades of red. So I am happy that I got the shape of the umbrella and think it is nice that that the object resting under the umbrella looks rather animal like! Since I have never painted a cat and am not likely to do so again very soon, rather animal like is fine.  The sheen on the painting is not fine.........I need to slow down and mix some cold wax medium into the medium I was using. That would dull down that very reflective surface.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

And more trees

After wonderful class yesterday, I came home and retouched three of the trees I included in my last post.

See if you can tell the difference.

And yes, the changes are minimal.

This is my work from class. It is an 8 x 10 of the beautiful urns in front of the visitor's center. It was a fun class and the learning curve continues...........

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trees, maybe.......

You often speak of liking to see how I progress through an assignment or how I develope a piece of work.  This last week, I decided to do a tree. We were at the Visitor's Center in Petaluma and there it was, just sitting in the middle of the lawn. Little did I know!
After a complete failure to two, Sandra, my instructor, and I decided I had completely lost my dark values but that I had learned lots. Good.
Home, scrape, paint and above you see about the 4th attempt on my morning's board.

I had time and so I kept going.....and I got numbers 2 and 3 totally confused, which I was sure I would not do. Still learning.  So the above painting which is a little 6 x 6 and done over an old painting, happened. I did get the large shapes, the gesture....but really just a study.

This is the other painting I did at the same time. It is also a 6 x 6 and is of a neighbor's tree.  I got shade and sun and the major areas defined but it really did not have a dramatic gesture. Maybe I should have made it up. :)

In order to keep learning about these shapes, I painted this from a photo that I rotated on my computer so that it was upside down.  Then one really looks at shapes, not objects. It is on canvas paper and it is not done......but you said you liked the process. It is not always pretty! Tomorrow we are back at the same location and hopefully I will work on trees again......
You will find the Julie Davis Studio blog site in the upper left of this blog.....she is working on trees and I find it very interesting.....

I do not think I posted this yet but I have been fooled before. It is of a great barn that just rose out of nowhere when we were in Bidwell in July. Goose Lake is in the background.  I love it. Dennis just framed it for me and so now it can hang........

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Daily Paintworks

The challenge this week was to just paint your favorite coffee mug. Seems simple. What you see is my second board and goodness knows how many scrapings. Finally I think the shadows make sense and the form of the mug is not too bad.  Now, if the shelf were a little straighter........
6 x 6, oil

Monday, August 08, 2011

daily paintworks

I was so excited on Friday when I finally got the Daily Paintworks widget up on my blog that I forgot to post my latest challenge entry. I say entry, but it is not a contest, just an art experience. For this one, the challenge host posted a black and white photograph with the challenge for us of adding color being very mindful of values. Squint. Do you see light, medium and dark. Then it is ok.

Check it out.  This week, the challenge is to paint your favorite coffee mug. Now, which one will I select?
Perhaps the lime green mug............

Friday, August 05, 2011


The title for this post just tells you how fast time is flying by........hence the question mark.
This New Zealand Flax on my deck has the most amazing color and texture. Since I have not posted from the garden in some time, I thought it a good place to start again.  The colors remind me so much of the hills surrounding the area that I am learning to paint. Gorgeous greens, yummy yellows, rich roses.

My first attempt at the nature challenge on Daily Paintworks was timed and pretty difficult for me to do. After I had it critiqued in class, I improved the composition, lightened the leaves and put the most incredible Cad Red Light on the roses.  It is a new color for me. You see it maily on the rose on the left. It just sings.
I love to paint loosely and boy, it this loose? You bet.

Out D Street, rolling hills, red barns, gracious oaks.
This is once again a 6 inch study.  The first study, which is not for public consumption, taught me to move the barn back and lay down my paint more confidently.
It is a rather dark work but I really like the texture on the hills. When we return to that location, I need to move the barn more off center and maybe move it even further back in the painting. The barn is my center of interest and it is held nicely on the work by the surrounding lines and movements.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


The title Watercolors is just to keep you on your toes as you know I am now working in oils. Actually, I want to introduce you to my sister Barbara's watercolors. She is an outstanding artist who creates beautiful works with watercolors. This is the shelf in her studio where she has put several works she is pondering. Always food for thought.

Barbara's little dog, Chiko, done with a great balalnce of warm and cool colors. This work is also an example of working with complimentary colors. She captured the essence of  a napping Chiko perfectly.

Leaves, floating, resting.
This is only part of Barbara's will see more here!
Her favorites are at the framers right now.