Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Hi there. So long since I have posted!
The class started the plein air sessions around the Petaluma River as you have seen.   The second week, Sandra demonstrated her techniques for working on the dark pattern and then the lights.
This was my best effort of the day.....Where you see bold, bold strokes.......that is what I like and what I am after. The play of the lights is very important in this scene.

Another view the next week.  The water needs a little more should have some of the same colors as the sky which it does not.  Reflections are good. More work needed but a good start.

Here is the water I like but the upper right hand corner needs to be less busy.  There is actually construction going on there so I am making up what I would like to see there. It really helps to visit and revisit the same place so you can progress.  Needless to say, these are all small, quick studies.

Moving on.  Helen Putnam Regional Park. There is so much going on that I was completely baffled until I took out the viewfinder so I could block out all that was unnecessary.  Here is a study of trees and the light on the dry grasses behind and in front.  It was definitely a challenge but I learned so much!  And I had fun. And there is now a little 6 x 6 painting demonstrating the lesson of the day.

This weeks challenge on Daily Paintworks is to paint what you paint with.  So this evening I will arrange the pot that holds my paint and some brushes and see what I can come up with for a still life. The paintings already posted are great!


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Hi! I am back! REally like what Sandra is doing in her classes. It is difficult to make a picture of a river to have depth and life, i.e. flowing. In the first pic you did great.
    Pic #3 is better than Pic #2. It has much more to say, i.e. is has LIFE. The dark upper right, I like because it helps in creating depth to the picture (the river) I can just feel the river flowing behind the dark green trees.
    Pic #4 is really dramatic. I have not see you paint with such large strokes. What is this exercise teaching you? Hope you are not to paint an entire scene with nothing but this dramatic big strokes.Sorry!
    I can read and feel the great enjoyment that painting (and creating art) has given to you. Besides you are good at it!
    KEEP CREATING! Richard in FL

  2. i am LOVING this new work....gorgeous!!!