Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday class

Wednesday class was held at the turning basin by Dempsey's outdoor seating area.  I was just at the foot of the pedestrian bridge on the left.  This large vessel was parked there at the dock and looked like a very nice subject.  So I started........and then the owners came aboard and set off down the river. Good thing we were working quickly as I got most of what I needed before they left. Very fun to work on reflections. This is a small 5 x 7 oil painting.

Boat gone, looking around.  Here is my version of the downtownscape at the Apple Box. Slightly abstracted. It could be a scene from so many cities and towns. Nice play of warm and cool, complimentary colors.  As this was our first plein air outling of the year......I learned lots and lots. 
6 x 6 oil

My little quail lives!  This is their season. We hear them often calling to each other their springtime songs. This painting has been critiqued and updated, maily pushing the fence posts back, making them smaller and more irregular.  Hard to get the painting to be about the bird but really, it is.  Love the red fact I love all the red barns that dot Sonoma County.

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