Friday, May 13, 2011

May 11, 2011

This little 6 x 6 study of onions from a farm stand was done for the Daily Paintworks weekly challenge. It was quick and fun and now in retrospect......I want my lights lighter.  Just a bit. Maybe time tomorrow...........

This week in class we painted from the Polly Klass Center on Western Avenue.  Right across the street was this charming home with a wild and beautiful garden in the front. Poppies, iris, lavender and lots more. I closed in on one little section. The sun moved across the sky, the shadows changed every few seconds, it seemed....but the home..........solid as a rock!
8 x 8, oil

This study is one of revisiting the trike out in my springtime garden.  I am so happy with the way the pathway recedes and the light shines on the flagstone under the trike. To me, a special moment in time.
8 x 8, oil

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