Sunday, May 29, 2011

Almost June

Here is that trike again. I took the study I showed earlier in the month and put that idea to work on a larger canvas......11 x 14. This painting has 3 layers already and still I need to work on the top where you can see I shortened the trike and then put in the pedals and reloate that stone that is just at the bottom of the handlebar....all that before the next critique. The basic composition of the trike on the path I really like.  It is the start, or the end, of a story. Sweetness.

Just wanting to be painted.......and waiting.......What in the lower garden has not blown away in the horrible winds is just beautiful.

Did I mention this is where the boys are now.  Jonathan loves playing with the hand mirror and Jacob just eats up the computer. Already at 5 we limit his time on the computer and on my Droid! Jacob painted with acrylics with me the other day and really enjoyed himself. His favorite is still watercolors and Jonathan will do anything for me if I will let him set up playdough.
I am painting daily again.........over the 4 quilts and the cut finger. But already thinking about doing a few hours down in the sewing studion again. Fabric calls.

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  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Helen, the trike is LOVELY! But will wait for you to more develop the "blackness" around it. I know you had a statement to make here but can't figure it out.

    The flowers in the jar are just beautiful and just your thing to paint. Go for it!

    The boys are SOOO lucky to have you as their talented Grandma. What fun it must be for them to be creative with you in your studio. It will give them another important dimension to the character. GOOD WORK! Love, richard