Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have been quiet for a bit now, but really just too busy to post.  On Friday I had the boys for a few hours and finally took some pictures to update friends and family.  They are growing like weeds. Jacob just turned 5.........Here you see them with their trucks in the back yard.

Jacob as only little boys can be totally engrossed in the movements of trucks.

Jonathan worked so hard to hook the trucks together and maneuver them down the stairs.

Looks like it was hard work.

Flowers have been quite a challenge.  This one, although out of focus, really works on form which is the name of the game. It is small, 6 x 6.

Remember the trikes.  I did one from memory when I was well into the challenge.  Here is my daffodil done from memory. It is also in 3 x 6 or so.

My objective was to make the calla more interesting while still life like. Ok?  It is 6 x 12 and a good calla.  Now I need to do an exciting calla lily.  We will see.........

Finally a flower work that sings. It is an odd size, 5 x 14, but that was fun to tackle. The flowers have form and movement.......there is a play of darks......white narcissus if I am not mistaken.  I like it.

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