Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Update on the blossoms

Today's class was great. We learned so much from the paintings students brought for review.  The results of my critique brought about scrapping off number 5........I really need to work on was boring, to say the least.  And number 6 needed work and I just prefer to start over.  When I just try to fix a couple of can go south really fast.  So for that, I will try another. Wonderful critique on # 7 and I will rework parts of it.........all about value.
# 8 had only a minor revision.  I always think I will remember what I need to about the works, but guess what......nope.  At any rate it was a great class.

After the instruction part, we worked on still life set-ups.  I did the mangos. They are lively and colorful...........
6 x 6, oil

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