Thursday, March 17, 2011

Having a sense of humor

This is having a sense of humor!  It is my first, well second, self portrait.  The first one got painted over. So much fun. Who cares what color one's hair is . It was just fun to learn about and to accomplish. It took a few tries to get the eyes where they belong.......then it is easier for the other features of the face to fall into place.

Here is flower commitment #10.......tulips someone brought to class. Had quite a time getting the white pitcher vase to turn but finally accompished it. On my computer these flowers look washed out.........hope they are more intense on yours. They are in real life.

This is #9 in the flower series.  It is also a second try. Much more successfull than the first.  There are so very many colors in one simple little calla lily!

1 comment:

  1. Helen, that looks just like you! What a wonderful artist you are! I wish I had half your talent!