Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Daffodils and Calla Lilies

In class last week I did # 3.  It is about 5 x 10, very long and slender with warm tones playing off of the green of the flower stem and highlights. Oil on gessoed watercolor paper.  Now if I wish to frame it, I have to glue it onto other paper.  I am experimenting  with size before I glue.  Mostly brush work with little touches of palette knife.

# 4 is a 6 x 6 board, studying all the colors and shapes in the calla lily. Amazing what colors one can see in a flower.  I used to think these flowers were white!

# 5 is also 6 x 6 on a board and way too flat. Where are the values?

#5 revisited, after looking at it and working on #s  6 through 8.  Back to # 5 and put in some darks. So much better.  Not best, not a favorite but finally some values.

# 6 and still 6 x 6 on a board.  I love the pattern of the flowers as they travel a path through the painting. There were only a few darks, but so important.

# 7 , 6 x 6 done with Carol Marine's challenge in mind. One color per stroke, squint, step back.  Sounds easy and is not! Colors are great.

# 8 is also 6 x 6 and done with the one stroke per color challenge in mind. Not as successful but a great exercise!

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  1. Wow Helen. Wonderful flower series. I like 6 and 8 best, the 1 color per brushstroke challenge. I'm inspired by your work. Thanks for sharing.