Saturday, February 05, 2011

Work in progress

 Trike # 15
This one was fun!  I painted it from memory......just a little peek or two.  And why not a purple trike? I like the way it is lit and painting rapidly as I did added to the old, beat-up feeling that little trike has.
8 x 8, oil

#16 in progress
Here you can see the mess one creates as one creates.

#16 is pretty cool.  It is not critiqued yet but I feel it is a pretty successful painting. It is barely cropped on three sides.  Next painting I will work on that....make more of a commitment on the cropping.
8 x 10 on gallery canvas

1 comment:

  1. yikes...trikes! great fun to witness your progression in study of the trike. isn't it magical to just keep exploring? are two wheelers next?!