Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yikes, where does the time go?

 The yikes is all about the fact that Tuesday is March first!  Does February just slip by quietly and we don't notice!
My mom was right again.......time goes by faster as you age.

My new studies will involve flowers and I will vary the kind as my garden reveals itself this spring.
Of course, the first noticeable flowers are daffofils.  After doing a horrid painting, I decided I needed color!  And red it was. By the way, daffofils are really hard to paint.  They are full of shadows but yet so bright. Challenging is the politically correct way to say that.

6x6, oil, #1 in flower commitment

 And so here is the opposite of "color".  It is a bluish shade of black with red added.  And it turns out to be an ok backdrop for more daffodils. This painting shows their life and then lets them be.

8 x 10, oil, #2 in flower commitment

Here is another process picture.  This is how I started the painting I will work on this morning. It is a calla lily and I put down only very diluted green first.......just laying out what I wanted to say. Now for more paint and more color.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving on............

 As I approach the end of this part of the tricycle study ( oh, yes, there will be more) I look forward to the next subject or subject.s  As spring is peeking around the clouds, the daffodils are blooming and the yard is starting to come to life. There will be lots to paint.

This is my little flying trike.  It is not really flying but that is what first came to mind as I was painting. It is only 6 x 6, a fun study of the rear view.  The trike was easier to do than the setting.

How else to view the little a still life.  The lilttle vase is a bottle found under 114 Petaluma Blvd No. many years ago. Painting a clear or semi-clear object is a challenge and putting the tricycle painting behind it made for an interesting arrangement.

When this was critiqued several things were mentioned but the largest issue was the shrub on the upper left of the painting.  I tried to resolve the issue, worked on the pedals and called it a day. Love it.  Done on a 8 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas in oil.  It will be my friend for a time.

 # 17
4 x 12 is a challenging shape with which to play but it came out, didn't it? All the gentle curves work very well.  And this much of a close up let me really explore a central part of the trike and really work with texture.

 # 18
4 x 12 again but on a dark background. Not my favorite but a good experience to have.

Perhaps this should be called half and half! It is 8 x 8 and a unique perspective but I feel like I am getting tired.  So # 20 will wait for a bit. I want it to be fresh.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Work in progress

 Trike # 15
This one was fun!  I painted it from memory......just a little peek or two.  And why not a purple trike? I like the way it is lit and painting rapidly as I did added to the old, beat-up feeling that little trike has.
8 x 8, oil

#16 in progress
Here you can see the mess one creates as one creates.

#16 is pretty cool.  It is not critiqued yet but I feel it is a pretty successful painting. It is barely cropped on three sides.  Next painting I will work on that....make more of a commitment on the cropping.
8 x 10 on gallery canvas