Sunday, January 16, 2011


 Remember I said I would do 20 works around this subject in order to really learn the subject and to come up with a body of paintings on the subject?  We are only to number 8.
The trike above is 24" x 24" so it is very large for me.  That creates a whole different learning experience.  This is # 5 and has been worked over several times.........

 In the previous post, I uploaded this picture to demonstrate how I started this particular painting.That basic sketch is so important.  Below you see how it was resolved.  It is back to a small 6" x 6 ".  # 7.
I love the loose work and the lively background.

 Here is number 8.  It is staying in the "rotation" for now. I love that it is a close up and it has the feeling I am striving for but who ever heard of square tires.  Those elipses are so hard to perfect!  And I do not even want perfection.....just a little more roundness.  I am going to try this one again. It is also 6" x 6".
You heard it was cold here last's this for cold?  Looks like another painting to do someday soon.
Today was spent with good friends in San Francisco doing the de Young and the last Impressionist show.  It was fabulous.

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