Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Numbers 9 thru 12

 Number 9
This one is on an 8 x 11 piece of gessoed paper. The paper used is a very heavy watercolor paper and the gesso was greyed.  Not my favorite to work on. The good part is if you frame the work, you can pick out any section of the painting you wish rather easily.  I taped the paper to an old canvas while working.
I tried to be fast and loose while painting.........yes, laugh.
The teal in the background was new for me and it worked out ok.  The feeling of this work is rather reckless and that is a good thing!

 Number 10
The straight lines on the wheel of # 8 really drew my eye and not in a good way so for #10 I got a bowl and traced just the outside line of the tire.  That gave me a starting point and so it worked out more successfully. The painting is 6 x 6, oil.  Great to keep sees new things each time.

 Number 11
The handle bars just skewed in a very pleasing manner. They outline and hold the innards of the trike in place. Loose and fun.....again. This work is larger, 8 x 8, oil

Number 12
Now I am painting to see where it leads me.  I have done this view previously and so in doing it again, I try to take it one step further, even though I do not know what direction that will take. Good light playing in the negative spaces. Handle bars were actually in that rather awkward angle. Maybe, a little bit of mystery?
And the beat goes on.........# 13 is on the easel.

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  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Hi Helen! Great progression. This is also making an everyday object, special!