Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's the new year.........

 It's the new year and the comittment challenge has started. I am working with objects, scenes from our back yard and I hope to do 20 paintings around each subject.  I do not yet know how this will work out. We will see but it is already pushing me and my creative juices.  My weekly goal is to do 3 paintings, journal entries and drawing as I can.

Trike # 1 is above. It is in oil as they all will be. 8" x 10"
I brought all the informatin with me from earlier months as I have painted this trike several times. The handle bars are too high by only a twitch but finally I took the trike into the studio and really measured for the half point. I need to keep drawing this little cutie. I like how this one came out. 
 Here is #2 in the series. 5" x 7"
small, sweet, fun.....not my favorite
definitely the back yard

 Number 3 is done with playing with composition in mind. Hence the cropping but it is only done on one side.  I will work up to three sides of cropping and see what shapes that reveals.  This one is also 5" x 7"

 So what happens when you hold the camera above the trike..........interesting shapes and lovely colors.
6" x 6"
Great movement, good earth tones. Experimental and that is what this is all about. Another favorite. How many can I have?

 This picture is larger, 8" x 8". And it doesn't matter a bit what way you hang it!
I wish it were "looser"

Here I am showing you what happens as I paint. I sketched the shapes with the red-brown paint then resolved to paint all negative spaces before the trike. While this is pretty cool, I am going to continue with this painting until it is more fully developed.   I hope this gives you an idea of how some of my paintings progress.  I have gone one step beyond this but have not photoed it yet.  Maybe tomorrow and another post for you to see.......

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  1. I like the last one the best. The abstraction is really interesting and the colors, beautiful. It's loose too!