Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revisions and the Red Truck

 Revision number one and I do not know if you will be able to tell what I did, but I know and I think the painting works better now. When I live with a work for a bit my eye goes to certain places and that often means they need attention.  This painting is 9 x 12, oil
 This one got less attention but still, toning down the front pasture was the right thing to do!
I did the same kind of toning down here so the trees could sing. Who wants a gravel yard to sing?
 This scene is right around the corner from our home.  It has been begging to be painted for quite some time now.  The hardest part was getting the truck even half way correct. It is parked behind the old coop and just left there. Just a little bit of Americana.  I have it almost right. Love the mountains and the sky. 12 x 19, oil
So now in comparison I see. This painting is 4 x 12 and charming although different. The truck is larger and seems to work better.  So difficult to get it " all " right. There are other differences which I think are ok........just another perspective.

Christmas is only days away. In case I get very busy.....wishing you all a wonderful holiday.

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