Friday, December 17, 2010

Photos Finally

For 2011 my art class has decided to enter into a year of committment under the leadership of awesome teacher Sandra Speidel.  This committment for me involves working with composition, exploring how elements are arranged on a page  and how to push them in different directions in order to achieve a pleasing composition. In the first of the series, you see the  golden trees and wood pile which are on a property below our home on Eastman. They were briefly breathtaking in their fall colors. I feel I did capture the charm of a county scene.

Here you see my long and narrow version which is actually # 3 in the series. I was more comfortable and able to edit that red barn right into the picture.  The grey rectangle is perhaps too dominant.............
For the second in the series, I moved into the picture a bit more and it was the most difficult for me. Did moving in edit out the charm?  The trees are the "star" of the show which is what I wanted but the composition is not exciting at all. Lesson learned!
What could be more fun to explore than snowmen in December. Maybe Santa but I couldn't decide on which one to choose.  So snowman it is.  This little guy was made of fabric and stuffed rigid....but too cute.
One of my favorite snowment I have had for years. He is made out of paper mache and is a happy little fellow. I love the tree just kind of in the background, letting the snowman be the main star of the show.

The little guy below looks cold for sure and his cap is truly sitting on top of his head. All the snowmen are done in oils and done just for the fun of it.  They all send you the warmest Holiday greetings.

The little blue vase just painted itself.  Colored pencils peeking over the rim.........great shadows. Really fun to do. 6 x 6, oil and a Christmas gift to a very special person from me!

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