Friday, December 10, 2010


Tuesday is my boy day.  This week Jonathan and Jacob spent the first 45 minutes creating with play dough. They just love it. And they get so engrossed! What could be better for all three of us.

Jonathan looks pretty proud of himself.

Jacob is starting to construct more complex towers etc. Learning about balance.....with play dough at least!

And yes, I am painting. I have several pieces in varying stages and a cute little snowman on the mantle but this blue vase full of colored pencils was just sitting right there this morning. As you can see, I am getting more comfortable with the oils. This piece laid down fairly I had time to do bookwork!
It is 6 x 6 and will be critiqued next Wednesday.
I am also finalizing  perimeters for my committment to art for 2011. It will center on composition, not go further afield than subjects from my back yard and include drawing, lots of drawing.  The whole class is making a personal committment and we will then naturally develope a body of work or two or three as a result. We are all very excited about this challenge. Thank you Sandra Speidel!

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  1. love it!!! the painting and the commitment.